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My newgrounds plunger!

2011-12-16 13:00:30 by Ashmic

It is Frozen!

My Ass

2011-10-02 00:50:45 by Ashmic

I need to Get it in gear

You cannot deny it

2010-08-02 14:43:02 by Ashmic

Barbeque chips are freakin delicious!


2010-07-29 20:07:09 by Ashmic

I try my hardest to make flashes and i hear how crappy and choppy they are, idk how to fix it okay? i try i try i try, i have to self teach and there is NO HELP, no easy tutorials that a HUMAN BEING can understand, nothing.
if i suck this much in animation, im just gonna quit

There's a pube in my Nacho's

2010-07-25 21:31:56 by Ashmic

I'm not even kidding............................. *throwsup*


2010-07-05 22:21:25 by Ashmic

Judging on JACKASSES like sepphtmage and nidorina1 and they're lovely comments, i have no fuckin will what so ever to make any more flashes, i work hard, hell I JUST joined a couple days a go and THATs the first comments i make fuck that